Hydraflex has developed for Outboards two basic steering systems, to fit almost every type and brand of outboard engineered boats, and to bring to small boats the reliability and the minimum steering effort of hydraulic steering, together with simple installation and minimum space requirements for installing.
The Hydraflex systems for outboard are very simple to install, with just two lines for connecting the helm to the cylinders, and to fill and purge, once the system is installed.
The helm units used with outboards are the LD25 and LD35 models for single cylinder installations, and the LD42 model for dual cylinder installations. The LD series helms come with high-pressure and relief valve built-in, thus avoiding the installation of separate components. Remember that with the same cylinder,with a smaller helm, like the LD25 model, you will have a slower steering, but less effort than the one required with a bigger helm model ( like LD35 ), in simple words, the quicker the steering ( fewer turns lock-to-lock ), the more effort is required to turn the steering wheel.
The cylinders developed specially for outboards are the OB-BFM model ( front mount installation ), and the OB-SM model ( thru-tube side mount installation ), the type of cylinder to install depends mainly from the space you have around the engine.To connect the helm with the cylinder Uflex supplies a pair of high-pressure nylon flexible hoses, available in a complete range of lengths.
As a general reference, it is possible to install a single cylinder on single or dual outboard engines up to 300 HP, and speed up to 60 mph, with dual cylinders installation, it is possible to steer engines up to 600 HP ( non-counter rotating ), and even larger with counter-rotating engines.


OB-BFM Front Mount cylinder application

OB-SM Side Mount cylinder application

Splashwell Dimensions Requirements for OB-BFM cylinder(s)

For twin engine applications minimum engine center distance is699 mm (27,5")

Splashwell Dimensions Requirements for OB-SM cylinder