Simplicity Marine Drives are unmatched for there:
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    Maximum Reliability and Higher Speed
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    Increased Economy
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    Minimum Maintenance
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    Propeller, Shaft and Rudder Protection
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    Easy Installation and Engine Hook-up
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    Shallow Water Capability
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    No Exposed Propellers
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    Compatible with Gas or Diesel Engines
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    Wide Range of Drive Sizes Thru 1500 HP
5bl-prop 20.GIF (976 bytes)    5 Year Limited Warranty

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50' Thunder Power Boats, 36 passenger
Simplicity Drive Model 500 Twin
Twin Caterpillar 3126, 420 HP
Top Speed 56 MPH, Cruise 40 MPH Fully Loaded

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An article by Paul Kamen, N.A. Titled 
Surface-Piercing Propellers
(First appearing in Professional Boatbuilder Magazine)

Simplicity Drives - SMD 300  

Simplicity Marine Drives are an alternative to the high maintenance and power stealing stern drives available to the marine buyer today. They were developed with the purpose to making the propulsion system faster, simpler and easier to MAINTAIN, thus being more DEPENDABLE. The name Simplicity was chosen for what the dictionary calls freedom from complexity. The drives are constructed of stainless steel, manganese bronze and Bi-Axial fiber-glass composites to combat the harsh underwater environment. The propeller shaft and rudder are the only two moving parts in the drive.

Since 1986 Simplicity Marine Drives have proven their reliability operating on pleasure, commercial and government applications around the world.
Simplicity Marine Drives work with only two moving parts, the propeller shaft (which holds the propeller) and the rudder. They achieves maximum output and efficiency using fixed Surface-Piercing design, where only the propeller and rudder come in contact with the water at planing speeds. This greatly reduces the underwater appendage drag, improves speed, fuel economy and draft of the vessel. Surface-Piercing design allows the use of propellers that are 15% to 25% larger than conventional inboard and I/O’s of equal horsepower. These propellers are designed or modified to operate 50% to 60% submerged in the UNCAVITATED, UNDISTURBED water behind the transom, taking a clean bit of water each time the blade enters the water, pushing with MAXIMUM FORWARD THRUST. This has provided 7% to 15% increase in speed over conventional stern drives and as much as 30% increase has been achieved replacing inboard applications.
At slower speeds (not planing) Simplicity Marine Drives units utilize the torque curve of the engine to give more thrust working with the larger propellers. More speed and increased economy are the results though the whole throttle range.

Simplicity Marine Drives have been in production since 1986 and are currently being used world wide on commercial, government and private recreational vessels.

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